Are you a parent trying to sort out your separation or dealing with divorce issues?

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Want to support your children through the difficult family transitions and challenges?


In family court proceedings and looking for a specialist bespoke parenting program?

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Want to open a co-parenting dialogue or create a Parenting Plan in a unique child-focused forum?

Kids Come First® is a unique provider of bespoke, specialist workshops for separated parents. Our expert advice & child-focused guidance is designed to support you at every stage of your family transition and help you avoid the adversarial pitfalls of the separation or divorce process.

Because getting the right advice as early as possible can make a real difference to how you approach your separation and helps to reduce unhealthy levels of conflict which will impact on the whole family!


Kids Come First® workshops are highly recommended by family lawyers & barristers; mediators; court guardians; counsellors, psychologists & many other collaborative professionals to help you resolve separated parenting issues and reach vital agreements in the interests of your children.

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