Are you a parent dealing with divorce or trying to sort out your separation? Do you have concerns about how this process impacts on your children?

Are you in family court and looking for a bespoke parenting program?

Want to open co-parenting dialogue in a specialist child-focused forum?Kids Come First® provide bespoke, specialist support and unique, child-focused teaching workshops for parents at every stage of their separation or divorce.

Finding the right specialist support and expert guidance, as early as possible, helps you minimise parental conflict and is a truly positive step for both you and your children.

Our workshops are highly recommended by collaborative family lawyers and barristers, as well as other professionals, who choose to guide their clients towards peaceful dispute resolution for the welfare of their children. 

So why waste your valuable time, financial resources and emotional energy by engaging in adversarial processes? Book your bespoke solo workshop or joint consultation today!

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Kids Come First ® Solo or Joint Parent workshops offer you expert strategies to help you and your children adapt to the changing ‘shape’ of your family as you navigate your way through the emotional and complex separation or divorce process. Our unique child-focused teaching program delivers positive guidance on creating collaborative  co-parenting partnerships beyond your separation.

Our professional trainers are experienced in child counselling, family therapy & family mediation. This enables us to deliver bespoke, person-centred  support to parents during the difficult time of family transition.

Why Parents Should Avoid Issuing Family Court Proceedings 

Kids Come First are members of Resolution, a community of family justice professionals working with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way.  Hear more about our work by listening to the Resolution podcast below.

Podcast: Interview with Nicola Withycombe – Kids Come First

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